Yiwei Design provides simple, clean, and uniquely customized web designs. Feel free to browse my portfolio of selected designs.


I've been designing webpages since 1997. I get my business almost exclusively from word-of-mouth, in part to keep business to a manageable level (this is not my day job). When designing a site, I put customer preference first; we'll go back and forth as many times as necessary until you're happy with the result. It's your website, after all. I don't do complicated things (for a Flash site, scripting, or a shopping cart interface, you'll have to look elsewhere), but if you're looking for a simple, clean web presence, then we can talk.


Cost will depend on the complexity of what you want. If you would like to keep me on retainer for updates, that can be arranged. I don't host websites; you will have to arrange for your own web space and (if necessary) domain name. I use Dreamhost for my own hosting, but I'll be happy to work with whatever company you choose.


If you're interested in my services, feel free to shoot me an email at yiwei.designs@gmail.com.